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May 23 2018

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Broke: “Stop sexual harassment in Hollywood”

Woke: “Demand equal representation in sexual harassment in Hollywood.”

Please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke

Please be fake

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i think one thing that’s offputting to people in regards to boob armor or whatever dumb designs is that the people that don’t like boob armor or armor that shows skin are so damn obnoxious about it. you can’t say “well, I actually kind of like this design” or that you can sort of see the logic in the design every now and again, like with the Sorceress and Amazon in Dragon’s Crown (who have actual design thought behind it, actually) without 25 bikiniarmorbattledamage or eschergirls adherents yelling at you or smug twitter checkmarks calling you a hentai addicted bastard or self hating woman.

and you get people that think things as mild as a cocktail dress over gymnast gear is hypersexualized cause of a fanbase getting particularly horny about it and a dude having an offbeat sense of humor (and with people that know him and are familiar with his work knowing he’s got a type, and it’s not the type that’s in the cocktail dress, actually). 

and what’s probably the worst part about it is these obnoxious prigs make an environment where you can’t criticize genuinely stupid things like underboob in swimsuit designs in like, DOAX or whatever on the wrong kinda female character, either cause they’re a modest character that wouldn’t wear the kinda shit thirst trapping insta models or racy idols wear and thus it’s out of character or because their titty is just too damn big to not spill out without some nutball with outright hentai in their avi going summat like “HEH, TRIGGERED SJW????? WHAT ARE YOU SOME KIND OF FAG THAT HATES WOMEN???”.

well done, you all have essentially made it actually impossible to talk about female designs in any way remotely intelligent now. i can’t talk about how boring the reboot lara design is and how disrespectful that one dev is of older fans and of the genuinely iconic design without people accusing me of being a hentai addict (nevermind that there’s a LOT more porn of reboot Lara these days)

like, you can’t talk about actually bad designs or boring designs because a lot of this discourse got distilled into “if there booby or exposed skin It’s Bad” or “Liking The Awful Design To Own The SJWs” and simplified to that reductive level. or even funnier, people thinking mysteriously that people in armor suddenly are going to be magically not jerked off to when it’s like. hmmm. i know enough about the internet to know THAT’S total bullshit.

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Well ShiT!

Can I have the sheriff instead?

Can you imagine this dude’s face when he got this text?

reblog if you like pizza or you've ever killed someone

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Just 12 years of television left. Hope it’s good.

op is living in 2028 

I’m so mad at myself right now

What do they do for fun in the future?

3D chess, Kindle, and orgies on the Holodeck, mostly.

May 22 2018

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if you think I’m sorry for this…. you’re veeery wrong, my dear friend

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It’s not important whether or not you liked the old Thundercats. 

What’s important that you recognize this for the soulless, dispassionate, slimy fucking cash grab that it is. 

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this is still my favorite gamingjournalism.jpg ever

A+, IGN.

Video game journalism, everyone.

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This is the Lucky Ace. Reblog to recieve a wad of cash that is oddly specific to your current needs.

I reblogged this shit two days ago y’all… what kinda sorcery is this. Oddly specific too …. I’ll take it tho 🤯

I think I did it wrong

You made me lol ^_^

I’m reblogging cause I had a great boon, so charging this post with more power!

I normally don’t reblog this stuff, but I found 40 bucks yesterday so what the hay.





straight people when a show adds a gay character and” forces” homosexuality on them

I think you mean «homophobes». That’s not the same thing.

Thank you! I always see those posts that generalize straights as homphobes, and that’s kind of angering, since I personally have nothing against LGBT people (heck, I’m not entirely sure if I’m not one of them) and wish them the very best in their fight agianst homophobes

No problem, and I agree with you. :) These kinds of posts only discourage straight allies, which is pretty lame and does nothing to help the cause. :/

An open letter to anti gun activists in America


They’re not numb to dead children.
They don’t love guns more than people.
They aren’t bitches to politicians, the NRA or Russia.
They are however tired of you
You post pictures of a girl who openly carried a rifle at her graduation ceremony and say “she should study her history more”.
How can you be so wrong?
A student with a rifle didn’t kill 4 kids at kent state. It was actually a military state from the US government did and you claim it is on the right side of history.
You think government would never turn on you.
You are historically illiterate.
You can post and share as many school shooting stats on you social media.
But your lying.
Because some of those statistics include a hunter accidentally breaking a window from off campus with no connection to the school in a car park killing himself.
Thats not a school shooting.
You said that more students died this year than soilders.
You also failed to mention that there is 51 million students and only 1.3 million actuve soliders.
You lie to make a point.
I’m sick of you lying.
You bring up gun stats from Europe and Australia.
“Gun control works there” you say.
You failed to acknowledge that those countries have similar or greater murders there per capita though.
My home of London has surpassed violent crime than that of New Yorks.
You forgot that the US has as many guns as it does people.
That pre wepon and pre person are the safest with fire arms.
You fail to mention the many times a good guy with a gun saved lives.
Because it doesn’t hurt your narrative.
And you say you are the ones with the science and facts.
You cherry pick data to decive.
They are done with your lies.
You claim we are victims of fox news, the alt right and trump.
You cant imagine that many of there positions are thought out.
Their philosophy is based on the constitution of there country.
You are the ones who will let the media and its puppets whip you into a frenzy.
They have had enough.
Do you know the basics of gun functions?
Have you even brought one?
Do you know the difference between automatic and semi automatic?
You throw around words like “assult rifle” and other words that have nothing to do with the situation.
How do you expect a dialogue if you won’t do your research.
You claim the moral high ground.
Thoughts and prayers are useless to dead children and so are posts from Hogg.
You pat yourself on the back as you try to take away the rights of your countrymen.
You don’t help.
You don’t save anyone.
You lie.
You project.
You manipulate.
You feel good about it.
So no.
They’re not numb to these tragedies.
They dont love guns more than kids.
They will mourn.
They will hug there kids.
Then they will find a solution without expanding government power.
And it wont involve you.


I’ve just been informed about the Hand of St. Teresa

aka the Catholic Infinity Gauntlet





As a customer, i think treating retail/fast food workers like human beings should be mandatory in order to use the service. You’re a dick? Sorry, eat somewhere else. You like to scream at cashiers? Sorry, shop somewhere else. There’s no excuse to treat humans like trash just because you’re angry.

Back in the 70’s or so when they actually gave a shit about their workers, this was a thing.

See: Unions, Purpose Of

It’s the customer is always right bullshit that makes them so entitled now because they know they can get away with it.















I should leave tumblr tbh because I honestly hate literally every person here

Actually see this is even better reason because everyone seems to acknowledge this place is toxic yet refuses to fucking leave

Why? Because they’re fucking spineless.

So let me just uhh go ahead and do what you actual pussies refuse to do and actually abandon something I know is toxic

Oh but of course before I go lemme do some name drops for people on this site that I don’t like.

Let’s see uhh papatulus is a fucking bitch and honestly that’s all I can really say because if I said more I’d be here forever.

Oleanderwasp is still a cunt, no wonder the most unlikable fucking bug on this miserable planet is in her URL. Bee girls are good taste tho I’ll give her props there.

Communismkills won’t even need to buy my silence, because it’ll be permanent after I just say this: bitch.

If idislikecispeople or whatever her fucking URL is now is still lurking around she’s still an ugly tupuke cunt and I am insulted people thought we were the same person just for both having the nickname Kat.

Megamushroom64 can go fuck his (anime) girlfriend.

Any and all fujoshi in the Voltron fandom. Klance or Sheith idgaf, any fujoshi, you’re all nasty. I hate you.

Literally anyone with slime or gay in their URL are automatically garbage. Except slimetony he can stay.

That bitch I used to share a Discord server with who threatened to strangle me because I said futa of trans characters triggers dysphoria. Sure was unsurprising finding out you sexually harassed a minor.

Staff themselves.

All fascists. Each and every one of them.

Anyone who thinks “coward” is some kinkphobic slur or whatever the fuck they’re going at.

People who try to eScam. Listen I understand we all need money to survive but when your gig is “Give me money because I am gay” and not “Please help me purchase food and pay my bills” it doesn’t look good. Extra fuck you to the ones who pretend to be struggling just so they can get money to spend on porn.

Feeder fetishists who like, are real people trying to make themselves obese. Also thinspo / pro-ana.

Horhar is still a bitch if he’s still around.

I bet ilikechildren–fried still hates me over that Zootopia discourse we had well over 2 years ago lmfao. If you don’t wanna let go you have only yourself to blame for the stress it causes you.

Every racist ever.

Klubbhead and tooiconic both for showing TOO MUCH fuckin’ PDA. Listen say y'all love each other and take selfies of you cuddling but please cease and desist with the constant sex talk and post pictures of y'all having sex on your PERSONAL BLOGS make a fuckin NSFW blog if you must Jesus CHRIST.

Tooiconic specifically because man fuck your fake positivity posts. You don’t wanna uplift white girls, you just wanna stir shit with black tumblr. If I were wrong there wouldn’t be DOZENS of posts by you that all say basically the same thing. You should’ve stuck to reblogging the first one you made instead of continuously making new posts just to start more and more fights.

On the contrary, people who tear down positivity posts made for the “wrong” group are also on this shitlist. Y'all are fucking idiots for taking tooiconic’s bait and it’s very worrying that–even if her posts is faux-positive–you’d respond to positivity posts that way.

Literally any “critical” side of any fandom. Special shoutout to SU Critical, RWDE, and OK KO Critical, though.

Speaking of RWBY literally anyone who is so assblasted by its existence that they have to bitch about the show and people who like it every 5 minutes.

Any dumbass who accuses people of pedophilia for reasons outside of “this person is sexually attracted to and wants to fuck real, actual, non-fictional children.”

Oh speaking of pedophiles, femmefish is also garbage.

I think that concludes my Tumblr Shitlist. Thanks for listening.

I love when tea is scalding oml

What the actual fuck is going on here?

But how do you REALLY feel, OP?

Holy fuck.

Let me tell you all what is happening here:

This is someone whose so feed up with immoral bullshit that they’ve decided to burn everyone in sight.

And as a sign of respect and solidarity, let me follow in OP’s footsteps:

Fuck the staff. I mean it in every single way: fuck the staff. This site is so poorly made that my internet browser crashes sometimes from being on here or slows down so much you can’t write shit. Not to mention the rampant disgusting acts committed on this site on a daily basis. You guys are what I aspire NOT to be.

To anyone who has thrown out terms like ‘queerbaiting’, ‘manpain’ and whatever: SHUT UP. You don’t know what those words mean, learn what they mean and start using the correctly. That goes double for you asshats who use terms like ‘racism’ ‘sexism’ and ‘homophobe’ because you’ve dilluted the words to the point they have no meaning. Congrats, you’ve made things worse you ignorant assholes.

Speaking of these kinds of people: I hope every single sexist against men, racist against white people and heterophobic douchebag gets chewed out. You have single handedly made the issue of bigotry SO MUCH MORE complicated than it needed to be., You are driving people away from helping out because they feel unjustly hated and you’ve given every ordinary bigot an excuse to be that way. You are actively holding shit back: STOP TALKING.

Fuck the shipping community of Voltron, which got so bad that someone tried to BLACKMAIL the creators into making Klance canon. I lost a lot of respect for shippers that day.

Fuck the Tokyo Ghoul community for attacking the creator over a fucking ship. Good job being a laughingstock.

Fuck the Darling In The Franxx community for getting so riled up over Episode 14 that you sent hate towards the creators. Thought we learned this lesson about TWENTY TWO YEARS AGO with Evangelion but nope, we’ve learned NOTHING.

And fuck the toxic Bumbleby shippers in the RWBY community. Good job making Arryn feel attacked for trying to help you and making Jeff hate ALL OF US because you got pissy over a SONG.

Speaking of, how about I start naming names?

Justintaco, I hope every show you enjoy gets ruined by some asshole barrging in and bitching endlessly about it. You’re a whiny cunt and I actively hate interacting with the DitF community because of you.

Goatsmart: Go fuck yourself. You just slapped a homophobia label onto the show because you didn’t like it. You’re pathetic.

And the RWDE community. my fucking GOD, the RWDE community,

Psyga, you are like Justintaco if he decided to go into super saiyans levels of assholery. I hope you never have a positive interaction in a fandom EVER.

Alientydas or whatever: You are one of the most intolerant people I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. I hope you get locked into a room filled with Jaune stans.

Kaorusscar, you sound like a more immature version of my fifteen year old self. … That is one of the worst insults I can come up with and it’s not even an insult: it’s objective fact. I legitimately suspect you are a normal sexist asshole.

Saltwukong, you are among the worst people I have ever met in my life. I can only think of TWO people who I hate more than you and one of them is a bro with you. You are damn near sociopath in how much of a manchild you are. You bitch and moan about Qrow and Jaune all the damn time but god forbid someone even have a negative thought about Sun. You encourage hate and abuse towards creators because it’s the only way to justify your shitty criticisms. And you are a god damn hypocrite of the highest caliber.

Speaking of him: Dudeblade, The very thought we were friends disgusts me now. You backstabbed me because I criticized you TWICE and you threw a fit, blaming me for that debacle. And somehow, that is the LEAST bad thing you’ve done. You said a plagiarized fanfic was better than RWBy because ‘muh character interactions’ (mind you, said fanfic had ONE personality between it’s entire cast) and then when it was pointed out to you, instead of condemning the author and apologizing, you threw everyone you could under the bus in a bid to avoid looking like you fucked up while saying you didn’t care because you ldidn’t like the content being plagerized. You suicide baited my best friend for daring to say ‘LGBT people are not your tools’ and then said he, a bisexual, knew nothing about LGBT people. Which all happened because you tried using the suicide rates of LGBT people to get you some gays in RWBY. You are a blatant racist, sexist shithead who tries to deny his bullshit because you can’t stand being called wrong. And you are a HORRID writer who can basically write ONE personality and is guilty of everything he complains about in RWBY.

And Sokumotanaka. I have hated you ever since I found RWDE two years ago. And you have done nothing but INTENSIFIED my hatred for you. You are so fucking racist that you’ve said Jaune being white is a flaw. You are so sexist that you think a woman is allowed to be possessive and demanding and violent because ‘she’s an individual.’ You are so full of shit that even when you try to write a critical post, you will fail. It is basically a law of the universe at this point. You lie all the damn time. You accuse anyone who disagrees with you of being racist or homophobic. You encourage hate against the creators of RWBY to the point of defending death threats. You are a damn hypocrite. You will complain about SU criticals being utter bitches about the show and then act EXACTLY like them with RWBY, And worst of all: You actively try to diminish the accomplishments of others because you don’t like their content to the point of encouraging someone in insulting MONTY OUM, A DEAD MAN!

I hate all three of you without any doubt in my mind. You are the only people IU can say that about. Well, you and Lord Fatass.

But I can’t say I don’t have good experiences on this site:

@mageknight14 You’re like a brother to me. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you man.

@phoenix-theurge You’ve been such a good friend to me I think I’m gonna cry.

@ula-star @rainbowloliofjustice and @tumblezwei : You guys are the bets colleges I could ask for on CRTQ

@comicfan44 Thanks for putting up with me.

@fallentitan88 Thanks for hearing me out

@eclipzex77 I’ve had so much fun talking with you it’s truly heartwarming

I don’t know how I’d get through the day without all of you.

I hate this site with a burning passion. But you guys would make me hesitate to burn it to the ground.

This is a good addition.

Hey also gotta add that apparently Horhar mellowed out so he is removed from the shitlist entirely.

So I got some new additions tbh.

First off honestly just ATLA and LoK’s shipping community, especially the latter. In MY OPINION, so yes I know y'all can feel differently and that’s fine, neither Makorra NOR Korrasami would’ve been good writing-wise, if that makes sense. Korrasami was already forced as shit and came out of left field, I think Makorra would’ve been just as forced, and tbh the fact that Mako willingly cheated on Asami with Korra, and then FOR SOME REASON Asami and Korra just kinda brushed it off like nothing happen (then Asami deciding to DATE the woman her ex-boyfriend cheated on her with wtf), that’s already an indicator it would’ve been poorly handled in the show. Ship what you want but neither of these ships should’ve been pushed so hard on the show creators to the point that at least one of them became canon in the most forced manner possible.

Fuck pretty much everyone who is saying a stunt woman wouldn’t have died if she weren’t a black woman with an afro. Neither of these things contributed to her death, she lost control of her vehicle and crashed. It’s tragic and it IS on the production team in some way, but it had nothing to do with her skin color or hair style; anyone can lose control of their vehicle. It’s fine to disapprove of the casting choice for Domino, but using this Info Wars tier kinda conspiracy theory to express your dislike–especially since you’re lowkey kinda implying it would’ve been better if a white or albino woman died–is seriously fucked up.

Honestly fuck the Overwatch shipping community. While the game still has some lore in the background, in the actual gameplay this is completely disregarded for a reason, that way you can reasonably have Moira and Mercy or Soldier 76 and Reaper on the same team. There should be no reason for ship wars when most of the characters are pretty blank slate when it comes to personality and sexuality in the actual game (rather than the comics and animated shorts).

Fuck anyone who gets overly hostile when something they like is compared to something they don’t like but a fan of said thing they don’t like. It admittedly doesn’t happen HERE a lot, it’s more on YT, but still. People are gonna listen to Touhou music and say “This reminds me of Undertale” because Toby Fox drew inspiration from Touhou for Undertale. And yes Touhou came first but if someone is reminded of Undertale by listening to Touhou music then they probably don’t KNOW that. Maybe politely explain Touhou came first and that Toby is a fan of it, instead of calling them “cancerous” or an “autist” or, even worse, telling them to die.

Same really applies to comparisons between Steven Universe and Land of the Lustrous. Yes Lustrous came first but it didn’t really gain attention until last year due to the anime, more people are familiar with SU for that reason and they probably don’t know about the manga, so of course they’ll call Land of the Lustrous “anime Steven Universe” because either show is about androgynous rock people fighting monsters and shit. Yes they’re very different but they have that core theme in common.

Oh definitely fuck the shoplifting “fandom.” Sincerely, a retail worker.

A big ol’ fuck you to the serial killer fandom. True crime fans can stay though. And yes to me there is a huge difference, seeing as I am also passionate about true crime, but see I also don’t want to fuck literal murderers.

Oh yeah cringe culture is still lame as hell. So is callout culture. And before anyone says this is a callout post honestly not really. I’m not calling out people for being “problematic” or whatever, I’m just saying what drives me nuts about this site because improving my health and well-being requires I blow some steam; my opinion is only my own. Unless we’re talking about the parts where I said I hated the genuinely bad people on this site (fascists, shoplifters, racists, doxxers, pedophiles, etc.), I ain’t gonna judge you for liking the people that I don’t.

Oh yeah while I name dropped papatulus, fuck doxxers.

And while I namedropped femmefish, in general fuck the actual pedophiles on this site (who do NOT want to change their behavior and just want the desire to rape children to be considered LGBT+ or whatever the fuck). Also seriously fuck the term “MAP” because it tries to sugarcoat and normalize what is a mental ISSUE. I’m all for the people who genuinely want to get over this issue, but acknowledging it IS a problem is the important first step to recovery.

Honestly fuck anyone who unironically calls themselves an aphobe.

Fuck TERFs while we’re at it.

Fuck anyone who uses terms like “compulsionary heterosexuality” or “bihet” unironically.

Honestly fuck anyone who acts like you can’t look at ANYTHING through a mildly serious and/or critical lens. Like yes I already said I hate “X critical” fan bases but at the same time nothing is perfect and even JOKEY MEME TIDDY SERIES can be taken seriously in SOME ways depending on what it is.

Fuck anyone who feels their subjective opinions are objective fact.

And finally, some SPECIAL fuck yous to… the people I really like.

Junko-unofficial fuck you for not liking vegetables and being a foot taller than me.

Joey-wheeler-official fuck you for being funnier than me.

Nico-verde fuck you for teasing me for being short and also fuck you for loving Etika more than me.

Wonderfulworldofmichaelford fuck you for having a Xeno I want one too dammit.

Lilmissrantsypants fuck you for being a better seamstress than me.

Celesteela-official fuck you for being better at Photoshop than me despite being like 12.

Furry Cumrag I forgot your URL and don’t even know if you go on Tumblr anymore but fuck you for helping me realize I am in fact a furry. You know damn well who you are.

Several lewd artists out there fuck you for helping me discover fetishes I never knew I had.

Curiooftheheart fuck you for… for…. I don’t fuckin’ know man just fuck you.

Unadulteratedpiratepizza fuck you for never letting me live down the fact I called my little sister a thot.

Shitposter…. uhh, I forget the numbers. I think it was you who exposed me to Neil Breen so fuck you for that. If not then well fuck you for being nice idk?

Huyh(numbers) fuck you for being a kind individual who made me realize I really love Wooper.

Cobalt-alchemist fuck you for being sweet and buying me Cuphead even though I haven’t played it yet.

Fuck you to anyone I forgot to mention. I fucking love you bastards. 💕

Last post before I finally delete. I’m gonna be remaking actually but only giving my URL to close mutuals. Thanks to the people who actually have made my tumblr experience pretty great through the six (going on seven) years I’ve been here.

Dayum, OP be like


Reblogging just to look for my name later.

May 21 2018


the post-credits scene of infinity war 2 is gonna be thor going to a tattoo parlor to get that tattoo to commemorate loki he was supposed to get in ragnarök but when it’s done it says ‘loki is the best’ instead of ‘loki was the best’ (in like.. really shitty handwriting) and thor’s like “you’ve made a mistake my good sir” and the tattoo artist’s like “or did i?” and he transforms back into loki and thor’s just

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Hey whenever y’all want to stop taking classic cartoons from the 80s and 90s and making them the shittiest garbage imaginable that would be great.

Cartoon Network again. What a shock.

I just had a violent seizure why did you make me look at this?

It’s like they’re trying to force a culture of mediocrity down everyone’s throat.

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