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June 06 2017

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Reports of gunfire, explosions at Resorts World Manila, Philippines, injuries possible

  • Gunfire and explosions were reported at Resorts World Manila in the Philippines at around 1:30 a.m. local time Friday, according to CNN.
  • Hotel employees told the outlet’s sister station, CNN Philippines, that a masked gunman had been spotted on the second floor of one hotel, firing at guests. Police and fire trucks were on the scene. Read more (6/1/17 2:50 PM)

Update: Apparently it’s not IS, just some disgruntled white dude.

Two extremes I’m sick of in fandoms


Absolute unforgiveness: No matter how many times a character gets called out for their wrong-doings, no matter how many times they try to better themselves, no matter how many times they right their wrongs, fans still tear them apart. Granted, some offenses are more serious than others and I can’t say individuals are WRONG for feeling uneasy with certain characters. It really just bothers me when they can’t stand flaws but somehow manage to justify everything wrong with their own fav.

Absolute forgiveness: It doesn’t matter if a character was a serial killer, the protagonist forgives them so we should all forgive them too and not expect retribution for their crimes. They probably shouldn’t even have to stop their harmful behavior or be called out on it, we should just forgive them and leave them to their own devices.

I dislike it when fans won’t give characters a break for their mistakes but I hate it when fans act like forgiveness means letting shitty people off the hook. If you want to let go of any negativity you feel towards an individual or character, okay. That’s not a license to hop on a high horse and tell others to do the same.

Emotionally forgiving a criminal or abuser also shouldn’t be a Get Out of Jail Free card. They should still be incarcerated, be called out, expected to change, make amends, do something other than being allowed to continue their harm. And if anyone doesn’t want to be near their abuser because of PTSD or the chance that they could be abused again, they don’t have to act like that person never hurt them. It’s even up to them whether they want to forgive, they shouldn’t be forced into it by a third party. Especially if abuser hasn’t changed.

And I started this just annoyed with how many fictional stories are written but I fear fans taking these ideas into the real world. You’re allowed to give people the benefit of doubt, you’re allowed to forgive someone and still make sure they don’t hurt others, you’re allowed to have your own feelings while still giving others the same right. Just look at the bigger picture, find the middle ground, and be reasonable.

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I’ve seen a lot of posts on my dash tonight about users who are threatening suicide, with other Tumblr members posting in effort to try to get ahold of them. I think you all should see this:


1. Scroll to the top of your dashboard.

2. See the circular question mark icon at the top? It’s the third one over from your home symbol. Click on that, and a screen similar to the one in the picture will come up.

3. Where you can type in questions, the box with the magnifying glass at the top, type in the word “suicide.”

4. Click on the first link that shows up. It should say, “Pass the URL of the blog on to us.”

5. Type in the user’s URL and tell Tumblr admin that the user is contemplating suicide and has posted a message indicating that they are going through with it or will be attempting. Hit send! Tumblr administration will perform a number of actions to contact the user and take the necessary steps to prevent the suicide.


Reblog this to keep other users aware. Suicide isn’t a joke, and neither is someone’s life. If you didn’t know this, someone else may not, either. Pass it on.

why on earth doesn’t this have more notes

I actually had to do this once. She lived.

if you scroll past this on your dash you are absolutely heartless.

Reblog this!! This can save somebody’s life!



do not scroll down.


may I just update this?

see the little thing that says help?

Reblog to save a life

This is so important. I have been in this situation before and I wish I knew what to do. Luckily, the girl is still alive.


reblogging for obvious reasons. :)

My sister killed herself on September 27, if there was a way I could have stopped her I would have. I don’t want any other family to have to go through what we did. Please reblog

please please please reblog.










I do not take people who say “mansplaining” and “manspreading” unironically seriously.

or “manterrupting”

I never heard of that one before

ohhhh it exists

Unpopular opinion




I don’t see Lars as trans.

why don’t you just say you’re transphobic lol it’s less words

I fuckin knew this would happen lol I’m trans bruh not seeing x character as trans doesn’t make me a transphobe sorry kid


Fiction doesn’t hurt real people.

real people hurt real people.

“I predict...that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalkers Father! What a twist!!”

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some Class of 3015 stuff! still working on their outfits because right now they just look too similar to their original outfits but fashion is not my strong suit so. 

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It’s fine if you want to avoid certain content, it’s fine if you don’t want to consume content that makes you uncomfortable, it’s fine if you blacklist the content and/or dont follow people who post it.

But what ain’t okay is telling other people they cannot consume it because it makes you uncomfortable. It isn’t okay to tell other people that they cannot create that type of content because you don’t want to see it.

Okay but OP, is this about actually generally “nonharmful” stuff - e.g. rarepairs - or about stuff like incest, pedophilia, abuse, rape, and so on?

I keep seeing posts like this and they keep being about the latter and I refuse to uncritically reblog them.

This is about any type of manner of fiction

re: your tags, the only things that hurt real people are actions that are taken out on real people. If I stab a real person obviously the action is harmful because it hurts a real person directly and a real person is suffering consequences of an action that I directly forced upon them. 

In fiction, a character being stabbed doesn’t hurt anyone because the character is not real. They’re fictional. Lines on paper, ink on paper, etc. they have no bearing, no rights, etc. in the world full of real people. They are tools meant and used for creation and content. 

Can the character being stabbed make someone uncomfortable? Yes. Are they right to avoid content revolving around that? Yes. Someone drawing frisk x sans isn’t harmful because both frisk and sans are characters, but someone giving a real person needles because they drew frisk x sans is harmful. 

The idea that fiction is on the same level as real people is harmful because then people start caring more about the lives of characters than they do real people. There have already been incidents recorded of parents forgetting to feed their infants because they were too busy caring for a virtual baby or playing video games. 

If someone wants to write a story that contains rape, they’re free to right that because it is fiction

If you don’t want to read that story, you’re free to blacklist, not read, and avoid it.

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If you don’t have gender dysohoria, do not transition. Why? Because your belief that you are trans is a phase, proven by the fact that you do not have gender dysphoria and feel fine in your own body. It’s a painful truth, but it’s much better than realizing after a year or two that you made a huge mistake, and now your voice won’t ever be the same, your body won’t ever be the same, your relationships won’t ever be the same again because you allowed the internet to encourage you over and over again without letting you question it. Taking hormones while not dysphoric is basically taking medicine for an illness you don’t have.

It really is okay to be cis. Everything is a lot happier that way. It feels much better to be cis.

Transgender Creator of Assigned Male Webcomic Facing Death Threats From Online Trolls






For the past two years, Montreal-based artist Sophie Labelle has published Assigned Male, a webcomic about an 11-year-old transgender girl named Stephanie who is in earliest stages of transitioning and coming out to the people around her. While Labelle’s work has been noted in the queer webcomics community for its frank and powerful portrayals of everyday life for trans youth, the artist has recently become a victim of a targetd attack from online trolls who’ve sent her death threats and doxxed her personal information like her address in an attempt to scare her.

Last week, Labelle was slated to host a launch event for the release of her new book Dating Tips for Trans and Queer Weirdos. After receiving thousands of threats of violence from people who said they planned on crashing the launch, though, Labelle chose to cancel it for the protection of the guests.

“We had to discuss as a staff how we felt about posting the event, whether we should continue hosting the event, and given the threats of violence how, or if, we could keep people safe,” Marshall Haywood, owner of the store for the event, told CBC News. “And because it did escalate quickly, we felt that on such short notice, we couldn’t really guarantee people’s safety.”

Continue Reading.

you can support her here: https://www.patreon.com/sophielabelle

This is infuriating, because not only have they targeted this talented young author, they have targeted the shop, Venus Envy, where she was slated to speak in Halifax. Venus Envy has been received threats, have had their ratings fall due to trolls and bigots. If you’re in Halifax (or Ottawa for that matter) and you get a chance to stop by Venus Envy, please do. The have an amazing selection of books, comics and a whole pile of other material that is inclusive and educational and supportive of the community. 

As much as I hate her work and attitude toward criticism…oh gee whiz. 

This is completely unacceptable. I do not like her, I do not like her opinions, I think a lot of what she portrays in her comics is actually harmful to trans people but none of that gives anyone the right to harass her or send her death threats. Her work should be criticized but she should never have to fear for her life for speaking her mind or voicing her opinions.















That moment when you’re scrolling through the “moana” tag and hate that you notice that 90% of the art changes her features, darkens her skin and adds 30+ pounds to her original design… and it’s most of the people praising/reblogging/creating the art that have spent the past several years screaming at anyone on here who dares to draw a character a shade paler, a pound skinnier or can’t quite get the character’s features spot on.

I hate the hypocrisy of this website, and I hate that I can’t help but notice it anymore because the art is really good, and really beautiful it just plays into an awful double standard that’s literally pushed artists on here almost to suicide at points.

@34choco - you aren’t being rude and I thank you for your response but I do think you are wrong: not literally, what you said was true. People have been ridiculed for their darker skin - that is a problem, but drawing Moana dark is the exact same “problem” as drawing her light. It’s erasing her cultural identity - which is what the problem would be called if someone were to draw her with pale skin.

I don’t think art should be policed at all - the art is ALL gorgeous, and it’s ALL amazing, regardless of creative choice or freedom. But there is a double standard there and to ignore it is wrong. Either we’re going to police all art and hold all artists accountable for changing the look of a character in regards to race and ethnicity or we’re going to allow everyone to draw whatever they want without being rotten little hobgoblins. That’s the impasse we’re at now, plain and simple.

I don’t know how to tell you this, but Moana isn’t a European princess. She’s an islander, which implies darker hair and darker skin. The sun can lighten the hair but the dark skin is common for islanders. She’s also Polynesian. Her diet is high in starch. She has a thicc body because of how islanders lived. This post is honestly a reach.

Where on earth did I say she was European???? Where? Where did I say this? Where did I imply she doesn’t have tan skin and brown hair? Where? What the hell are you even talking about? Did you even READ what I said?

She is POLYNESIAN. She is NOT black and she is not designed as chubby AT ALL. She’s not even remotely “thicc” - she’s just a different body type.

What images are you looking at - because this girl is not remotely “thicc” - she’s simply not skinny and has a bit of muscle to her. That would be like calling Korra “thicc” - they have a similar type of body. But yet the art of her looks like this:

None of which is bad art, all of which is beautiful but the people making this art, celebrating this art and reblogging it are the same people who have spent the past several years policing Steven Universe art, policing fandom art all over tumblr and making absolute asses of themselves about how “awful” it is to draw fanart of a character that’s even remotely off model.

Where is the outrage here? Where is the outrage over how much darker Moana is portrayed in her fanart? Where’s the art policing and the bullying? Oh - that’s right, it doesn’t exist… because the problem was never about changing the characters cultural identity or erasing their ethnicity - it was about hating white people and feeling morally superior for being a petty bully.

That was the point of the post, sorry you seem to have missed it.

Alright, lemme get this straight. You’re arguing that Moana being depicted with darker characteristics is both wrong and as bad as white-washing, which you think you understand. You extend your offense and claim that we hypocritically ignore this because brown/blacc people just want to bully hwhites. LMAO,

“tan skin and brown hair” is such a pasty way to describe Moana. She’s BROWN and her hair is very well BLACC. I’d like to remind you that the sun can lighten hair and darken skin, so get it in your head that Moana can always be darker. Or… you seem so keen on insisting that Moana’s being ‘blacc-washed’, so perhaps you mean her brown hair is simply not afro-curly. The following are cultures represented in the film Moana:

Look at this Fijian kid laugh at how you think you have a point while simultaneously possessing the characteristics you don’t think Moana’s culture can have.

These Tongan schoolgirls could probably make a PowerPoint to explain that being thicc is neither the equivalent to being fat nor a negative thing.

Look at this model proudly showcase her culture in her garb and body. She THICC. Her calves, shoulders, waist ain’t nothin’ to be ashamed about. Moana is a teen, but don’t tell me she can’t grow up and look like this.

This a dark-ass crop on a dark-ass Tahitian body.

Just so you don’t miss any of my points, I’ll reiterate. You have no points.You don’t know what real Polynesians look like, chose to believe Moana is restricted to her characteristics in lighting where the sun directly shines and brightens her features, and have blindly convinced yourself that this is enough to undermine the phrase “white-wash”.

Honestly, you seem so unnecessarily offended that Moana’s features were blacc enough that I can only assume the root of this misguided logic is contempt to a certain degree for blacc-ness, not the “erasure of culture” because you clearly don’t know shit about Moana’s cultureS. Keep saying the fanart is beautiful, though. I’m sure if you say it enough times, you’ll believe it. In the mean time, here are more Polynesians that might offend you.

Fiji again because they’re actually Melanesian (the islands have a variety of color– blacc is but one, in regards to hair and skin tone)

Look! Another afro! And dark skin! IDK, man. They still look pretty Samoan to me.

This Maori woman got the same hair the fanart included.

In conclusion, fucc outta here tryna use Moana to dismiss PoC critique of white-washing. Your reach is laughable.

moana is based off the girl who voices her

who surprise surprise is light skinned 

get the fucc outta here with your erasure of her culture and identity because you’re a fucking racist  who cant care about a character unless they’re black as the ace of spades 

It’d be neat I’ll y'all didn’t erase light-skin Polynesian​s

Besides, @thesocialjusticecourier‘s issue was that those fan arts don’t depict Moana as she is in the film, not that they’re not representative of Pacific islanders as a whole because Moana is herself not a stand-in for all Pacific islanders in the world – nor is the person who inspired her design. The fan arts above seem quite faithful when it comes to, say, the shape of her nose or eyes, not to mention her clothing, why can’t they be similarly close to the original when it comes to her skin tone or silhouette?

By @ceciria’s line of reasoning, I could draw Bernadotte as a stocky blue-eyed blond and justify it with by saying that, well, most Southern Europeans are on the short and robust end of the spectrum, and look at all the blue-eyed blonds in Normandy or in the Alps! (And both provinces are way closer to Béarn than, say, Tahiti is to Fidji, because the Pacific ocean is huge) Well, I can always do that but I’d be laughed out of the room. 

That wasn’t even my issue to begin with - I honestly think fan artist’s should be able to draw their favorite characters however they want to. My issue is that the same artists doing this and reblogging this art and praising it are the same ones who have screamed “whitewashing” and “cultural appropriation” and “fat shaming” everytime any other artist draws a character a shade to light or a pound thinner. It’s ridiculously over hypocritical and it makes my teeth grind.

JFC are you people for real? Are you really this dense?

The OP’s complaint isn’t literally about how people choose to depict a fictional character. Draw her black, white, brown, fusking purple with green polkadots; make her as fat r as thin as want, etc.


That’s the point.

The complaint here is about hypocrisy. Not “black-washing”; SJC is advocating for freedom of expression, not more art policing.

FFS, get it through your damn head.

Stop being so hung up on “look, (character)’s race includes all these darker skin tones and lager body types, so it’s perfectly acceptable”. No one here, in this thread, said it was actually wrong to make such artistic decisions. Because that was the entire point - that It’s not wrong. To draw whatever the hell you want; to colour it however you want.

But this works BOTH WAYS. Not just when it benefits you.

You don’t get to sit there and dictate what others can and can’t draw because it ~offends~ you, then go on to do exactly the same thing with your own art. You’re not entitled to another person’s time and work; artists are not work horses who exist with an obligation to serve you.

Especially when you’re attacking an independent. This person is not changing the cannon of another work; they’re not taking away from your XYZ media representation.

They’re drawing for them self. Not for you. Not for anyone else.

By all means, draw Moana with skin as black as you can make it. Make her as round as you want. That’s not the issue here.

The issue is with labeling people as “literal nazis” simply because they, for example, choose to draw her in a way that resembles her VA, light skin and all and dared to share their work. The issue is with calling this a hate crime, or even violence. When no one attacked you. Meanwhile you’re the ones

  • Telling others to kill themselves, then celebrating when a suicide attempt is made, sending that person to the hospital
  • Spreading harmful rumors about “so-and-so is a literal pedophile and a rapist and a nazi and a transphobe and a…”
  • Doxxing this person and attempting to get them fired
  • Encouraging others to harass and bully them.

And i’m not even going to get into the “many of them are minors” argument, because you know what? that honestly doesn’t even matter.

Because, whether the victim of this kind of BS is 17-and-a-half, or 18, they’re not magically immune to this kind of abuse the moment they turn. And whether the bully is the same age, older, or even younger, this doesn’t magically change how the victim is affected.



anti voice: uwu instead of teaching kids how to be safe on the internet and teaching them to block people who make content they don’t like and giving them the warning signs of a predator and encouraging them to speak up, i’m just going to attack anyone who creates content that is problematic or questionable while also throwing any csa victims who don’t believe me under the bus because they aren’t actually victims and place absolutely no blame what so ever on predators who harm kids and put all blame 100% on content creators and no blame what so ever on predators while also calling posting death threats in ship tags and sending anon messages telling people to kill themselves uwu

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We are not equal snowflakes

This post is trash. TRASH. Why is this picture getting spread around like it’s something to be proud of. I’m getting super fed up with forensic anthropology and anthropology in general being used to bolster ignorant political beliefs that have absolutely no basis in reality. So everyone sit down and listen the f*ck up because I’m going to make this sh*t crystal clear.

First of all, OP, congratualations on labeling someone trying to send a positive, uplifting message as “stupid” in a pathetic and cringe-worthy attempt to make yourself look like some kind of martyred intellectual edgelord. First of all, where in the hell did you “major in” forensic anthropology? I’ve literally never encountered a university in the States (or overseas for that matter) that offers a major in forensic anth for undergrads. So, let’s be serious, you probably took a class or two in the subject and maybe got a minor or concentration in it, and somehow feel qualified to make a bold and supremely idiotic statement about some sh*t you clearly don’t have a solid grasp of.

Secondly, according to you, it’s a “fact” that “men and women” and the “various races” (holy sh*t, you really said that) have “different bones”. Sis, I am literally in physical pain reading this dumb sh*t. You know that no two humans have “different bones”, right? We all have the same 206 elements. Do genetics and environment and health influence the MORPHOLOGY of those bones? Absolutely. But those morphological differences are often so subtle that it requires years of training to surmise the difference. And NO ONE in the field uses the phrase “man or woman” to describe sex estimation… Sis, come on. If you want to play fake forensic anth expert then at least get your sh*t straight and google some terminology. The best a forensic anthropologist can do is make an estimate of BIOLOGICAL SEX. Sex does not equal gender. We would NEVER make an estimate about gender from the bones. And, to top it off, there is not a SINGLE sex estimation method in the field that has 100% accuracy. Because, guess what, even biological sex isn’t always binary. But if you were an actual scientist, you’d know that, wouldn’t you sweaty (: If you wanna fight me on this my research is in pubic bone morphology and sex estimation so I will happily eviscerate you if given the chance.

And if you had ever written an actual forensic anthropology report, you would be aware that the process in no way involves a prediction of “race”. We merely use a select number of morphological and metrical anaylses to make a tentative estimate of “ancestry”. Essentially, which ancestral population that person likely descended from based on the presence of skeletal traits that are prevalent amongst a certain gene pool. Race is a word that has social implications but is not used in forensic anth at all. So congratulations, you played yourself.

I’m so sick of these pseudointellectuals trying to twist scientific research to support some stupid political or ideological agenda. Nazism, racism, and eugenics all have their origins deeply intertwined with physical anthropology for this exact reason. White anatomists stole skeletons and conducted craniometric analyses on indigenous populations and used ethno and theocentric ideologies to support their wars, colonization, oppression, and destruction of any non-white populations. So anyone who claims to be an anthropologist and chooses to make dumb statements like OP here should really take a hard look at themselves and maybe read up on the history of the field, because you sound like the scientists that Hitler had on payroll.

If you’re looking for some proof of racial, sexual, or intellectual superiority in bones, it doesn’t exist. Plain and simple. I’m not gonna sit here and equivocate with people who wanna do dumb sh*t like say “ohhhh, but men and women DO have different pelvises! Africans DO have different skulls! blah blah blah”. Nah, cause it’s not true. We all have the same bones, the same muscle attachments, the same skeletal architecture… you don’t get to exploit the fact that their are MINUTE morphological differences based on what chromosomes or genes you have to attempt and make an argument for some dumb “everything is binary” perspective while claiming to be a scientist. If you have a problem with someone trying to make the point that we should look past phenotypes and strive for equality then you are a sh*tty person, plain and simple.

Also, OP’s scathing tone about sociocultural anth really paints a nice picture of her narrow worldview, like somehow forensics is a “harder” science than other anth subfields. You can’t do one without the other, and if you actually knew forensic anth, you would’ve chosen a different set of words.

Oh, and her whole class calling her a “Nazi” DEFINITELY happened. 1000% real story. Tag yourself, I’m the professor.

If anyone wants to argue with me on this, then please come at me, because it is 2017 and we have a fascist in the white house and I am 1000% not here for anyone using this field as justification for racist, sexist, or transphobic ideologies. OP was clearly butthurt that someone called her out on her alternative facts and of course the hordes of vaping, alt-right, energy drink chugging, neck-bearded, reddit crawling dungeon trolls use this nonsense to justify their bigotry. So, if you wanna be a racist or a transphobe or a misogynist, the peer-reviewed SCIENCE AND DATA WILL NOT BE THERE FOR YOU. SO FIGHT ME.

And whatever idiotic blog posted the comment above me, stop calling everyone a “snowflake” for disagreeing with you when you can’t even handle the fact that your skeleton looks identical to people with different skin colors. You don’t even see the irony in your statement, do you, you absolute freaking garbage person. “Liberals want multiple genders to feel SPECIAL AND UNIQUE, what a bunch of SNOWFLAKES. Meanwhile I somehow think my pasty white pock-marked flesh, susceptibility to melanoma, deficient grasp of even a single language, reddit account, and complete lack of contributions to the world makes me genetically superior to a different demographic of people.” Y'all make me sick. I’m out.

 lol I can’t get over “men and women have different bones”

Honey, please, there’s a glossary in the back of your textbook, please use it

Men and women’s bones are different. The biggest argument against the concept of “manspreading” is the difference in size of men and women’s pelvises that lead to different sitting styles. Those same pelvises aid women in childbirth, something that they evolved to have.

S’fucking magic innit?!

People here acting like sexual dimorphism is a fucking sin against nature and is witchcraft

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caligula had anime eyes

wait romans painted their marble sculptures

it looks like a cheap theme park ride mascot


here’s a statue of Augustus

and here’s a reproduction of the statue with the colors restored 

i honestly think that what we consider the height of sculpture in all of Western civilization being essentially the leftover templates of gaudy pieces of theme park shit to be evidence of the potential merit of found art

“I tried coloring it and then I ruined it”

And you know what the funniest part is? The paint didn’t just wear off over time. A bunch of asshole British historians back in the Victorian era actually went around scrubbing the remaining paint off of Greek and Roman statues - often destroying the fine details of the carving in the process - because the bright colours didn’t fit the dignified image they wished to present of the the cultures they claimed to be heirs to. This process also removed visible evidence of the fact that at least some of the statues thus stripped of paint had originally depicted non-white individuals.

Whenever you look at a Roman statue with a bare marble face, you’re looking at the face of imperialist historical revisionism.

(The missing noses on a lot of Egyptian statues are a similar deal. It’s not that the ancient Egyptians made statues with strangely fragile noses. Many Victorian archaeologists had a habit of chipping the noses off of the statues they brought back, then claiming that they’d found them that way - because with the noses intact, it was too obvious that the statues were meant to depict individuals of black African descent.)

Sorry, I keep reblogging this over and over, the last comment is unbelievable. Wow.


Knowledge bomb!

Many more fig leaves in strategic places appeared thanks to the Victorians too.

Really, Proko?

I have an NBC link where an expert explains the damage was done by early Christians and Muslims out of some tradition that destroying the nose made the statue no longer a depiction of a human being (ie: dehumanized them)


This Smithsonian article also verifies the paint removal WAS done out of the people involved thinking the plain marble was more “pure” and dignified, but makes no mention of racism


  Some of the pigment was scrubbed off by restorers whose acts, while well intentioned, were tantamount to vandalism. In the 18th century, the pioneering archaeologist and art historian Johann Joachim Winckelmann chose to view the bare stone figures as pure—if you will, Platonic—forms, all the loftier for their austerity. “The whiter the body is, the more beautiful it is as well,” he wrote. “Color contributes to beauty, but it is not beauty. Color should have a minor part in the consideration of beauty, because it is not [color] but structure that constitutes its essence.”

Basically he viewed the color as distracting from the core beauty of the human form carved in pure, unaltered stone

He was a pretentious dipshit, but no evidence that he was racist.

TL:DR: people need to calm down and stopped spreading misinformation that makes actual experts pull their hair on this website.

so colors got wiped out of statues and some of the fine detail of the carvings were wiped away because of a victorian era hipster was left alone with them?

fuck killing hitler, lets use a time machine to assassinate that asshole.

Pretty much.

The dude was a pretentious dipshit that thought actual color was “undignified” and not artistic enough so he removed it. 

















Hey. It’s Pride Month!

Over the next 30 days, we are actively encouraging you to share your LGBTQ+ pride with all of Tumblr. You deserve to be proud of who you are 365 days a year, but these next 30 days, we’re going all out. There’s no wrong way to do it. Upload an illustration. Write a poem. Make a GIF.  Take a selfie and slap a Pride sticker on it. Maybe send a sticker to a friend. These precious babies are in your app right now:


Do one thing, do 100 things—whatever feels right. Just tag it with #TumblrPride so other people can find it. And, hey, if you can’t do any of these things, know that we still support you. You have every reason to feel proud this month, even if you aren’t ready to show it. <3

We’ll also be signal boosting other influential LGBTQ+ voices all month long. We’ve secured some really amazing people for Answer Time and Issue Time:

  • 6/23—Gavin Grimm, 17 year old activist fighting for the equality of transgender students, held on Action (@action).
  • 6/29—Becca McCharen, queer fashion designer and founder of fashion label Chromat (@chromat).
  • 6/30—Trans Rights & Community, focusing on urgent issues that affect trans people, like violence, access to health care, and unemployment, held on Action (@action).

Have a safe and beautiful Pride Month, Tumblr.

Where’s the lesbian flag??

Where’s the lesbian flag??

Where’s the lesbian flag??

Where’s the lesbian flag?

Where’s the lesbian flag???

Where’s the lesbian flag??

Where’s the lesbian flag??

wheres the lesbian flag??

wheres the lesbian flag??

wheres the lesbian flag??

wheres the lesbian flag??

where’s the lesbian flag? 🤔

Isn’t it the rainbow one? The one that stands for homosexual? You know, same sex attraction? Which is what a lesbian is? Same sex attracted? Like you have in your icon? Rainbow? Same sex?

#Tumblr doesn’t give a shit about LGBT people unless they’re two attractive women boinking each other#it’s why they make up terms like ‘lesbophobia’ when it should actually be ‘homophobia’

Click here to support "Help Me To Not Die Please" organized by Breanna Lanning



My poor friends needs help.

A friend of a friend needs some assistance guys. If y’all could be so generous.

@takashi0 could I ask a favor for you to spread the word a bit? 

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