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August 08 2017

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im really pissed that palindrome isnt palindrome backwards

Ah, yes but emordnilap is a word!

An emornilap is any word that, when spelled backwards, produces another word. Examples of emordnilap pairs include:

  • desserts & stressed
  • drawer & reward
  • gateman & nametag
  • time & emit
  • laced & decal
  • regal & lager

And therefore “emordnilap palindrome” is an emordnilap palindrome.

Which I, for one, think is really frickin’ cool.


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Can’t risk it

The duck of creativity. I waited so long for it.

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Someone: I really hate 2nu because their age gap makes me really unconfortable. 

They ship 2doc

Some people in this fandom make me laugh so hard ya know?

Read the tags

“You shouldn’t ship that because--”



I had to bring this back by force.

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Tracey is gone

Misty is gone

May is gone

Max is gone

Dawn is gone 

Brock is gone

Cilan is gone

Iris is gone

Serena is gone

Clemont is gone

Bonnie is gone

But this Mr. Mime from an otherwise irrelevant Kanto filler episode is still in the show and is the reason Ash is even in Alola

thats his dad you bitch

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I’d be interested to know what the first article’s distinction is between “conservative” and “liberal who doesn’t agree with me on some things”. I’m sure that I’m a conservative by somebody’s definition.

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Someone who’s never watched Gravity Falls please explain this image. 

an old man is blinded by the gay agenda right outside his window

meanwhile a young and strong lesbian simply watches him crumble. She has risen to the call of her fellow gays and has chosen to make the necessary sacrifice. Goodbye grandfather.

All Fandom Discourse Is Cancelled Forever




Stop arguing about cartoons and go outside

This is your weekly reminder that fandom discourse is cancelled.

Hey there! Here’s another reminder that instead of telling people to kill themselves over cartoon characters, you could go play a fun game of ultimate frisbee outside with your friends!

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I am in deep and it’s late so DOODLES OF MY OTP

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a krab, his whale daughter, and his two future employees for his restaurant. < 3

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If you came to me and said “hey, SYABM. Can you show the public, artistically, how BlackLivesMatter ignores all the facts, all the context that doesn’t fit their victimhood narrative? How it tries to turn criminals into poor little innocent victims, just because of their race?”

…I’d say “It’s been done.”

Great post with a shitty comment.

“I don’t have any actual response to the criticism, so I’m just going to hand-wave it away.”

Hey SYABM, what do we say when feminists say we should just blindly believe women when they accuse a man of rape? We say “due process exists for a reason.”

Mike Brown didn’t get due process. Yet you’re blindly agreeing with Darren Wilson’s narrative that he was a “criminal” because he allegedly stole a cigarillo, something Darren Wilson has been proven to not have even known about at the time he shot Mike Brown.

It seems like it’s just your purpose to shit all over any post with “Black Lives Matter” attached whether they’re advocating violence against cops and rioting or not. Not really the actions of someone rational and logical…more the actions of someone with a heavy bias and an agenda.

You’re being as bad as a fucking feminist.

He also was proven not to have actually stolen a cigarillo.  So there literally wasn’t a crime, and the theoretical crime itself was irrelevant to the shooting to begin with.

What? There is a video of him robbing the store. 


And maybe read what the DOJ has collected about the shooting. Like the fact that they watched the video above and concluded that he was indeed stealing cigarillos. And the fact that there were eyewitnesses who said they saw Brown attacking the cop, and the autopsy findings were consistent with Brown attacking the cop. They also found Brown’s DNA on the cop’s gun and in his police car, almost like he was reaching in the car trying to grab the gun, just like what witnesses said.

No, but some random guy on the internet said he wasn’t robbing the store, so he was innocent. /s

PSA to white people






when a black person tells you you care more about animals than people, and you respond with “you can care about both,” you’re still not addressing the issue. they’re not saying you can’t care about both, they’re saying that you DON’T.

I didn’t know black people could read minds. That’s crazy.

Black people are the supreme judges of mankind. They know and see all

Who told you! Guards! Release the Wokeminators!

Someone can read thoughts I haven’t ever thought?
















it’s funny…anti-sjw/alt-right goobers say that they’re “anti-censorship” and compare “the ess jay dubayoos” to jack thompson and the ptc, but they’re the ones demanding that “cultural marxist propaganda” should be banned. they’re the ones who got offended at the “down with cis” meme. they’re the ones who demanded to ban a shakespeare play and the ones who boycotted star wars and wolfenstein.

they don’t realize that they’re not rebels, they’re not critical thinkers, they’re not a hip youth counter-cultural movement. they are the mainstream, just with a nastier tone of voice.

I think you’re conflating the pro-free-speech crowd with the alt-right here, the alt-right being what amounts to the right wing counterpart to the SJW crowd.

No really, they say the exact same things, it’s honestly hilarious how much you guys hate eachother despite being exactly the same.

“Pro free speech” motherfucker anti-sjws are the alt-right. They don’t know what free speech is.

Alt-right people are often anti-SJW, but not all anti-SJWs are alt right. I’m personally opposed to both, since they’re both pro-censorship hate mobs a lot of the time. Alt-right want America to belong to white people, while SJWs want to suppress white people. Both are completely idiotic.

“SJWs want to suppress white people” is an alt-right talking point. There is a difference between acknowledging that white people have been given an unfair advantage and wanting to kill all white people. “SJWs are pro-censorship” is another alt-right talking point. There is a difference between saying that something is bad and saying that something should be illegal.

Just because the alt-right agree doesn’t make it untrue, Hitler was anti-smoking, does that mean being anti-smoking is wrong because Hitler was otherwise one of the worst people on earth?

SJWs are pretty anti-white:



And pro censorship:


The alt-right are also racist and pro-censorship, which makes it incredibly ironic that they call people out for it, but they’re not wrong.

The Berkeley protesters weren’t calling on anything to be banned. It was grassroots direct action, a wildcat strike. Not my fault your stuck in the Overton Window.

It was literally a bunch of people angry that a gay man in a relationship with a Jewish man was a “Nazi” for having the wrong opinion. It was blatantly anti free speech.

EDIT: Did you actually accuse me of being the one caught up in the mainstream narrative? Have you seen the news lately? Nearly every mainstream news source has been peddling lies in support of these riots. Do you have any self awareness?

You mean the gay man who tells other gay people to get back in the closet? The gay man who says that the Jews “dominate the media”? 

Also, the mainstream media did not condone the riots. They’ve mostly just whined about how “they’ve gone too far!”. The mainstream media gave Milo a platform in the first place. Do you seriously think that It’s Going Down and Antifascist News is mainstream media?

And do you understand that he only got a platform because of the idiots trying to censor him? Everyone has a right to free speech, even opinions we disagree with.

Only bad ideas need censorship to thrive, this is a well known idea, so if he’s actually nothing more than a bigot with no actual sane argument, what do you have to fear from letting him make a fool of himself?

Onto your links, the first one is pointing out that gay pride has gone too far, he’s not saying “keep it a secret”, he’s saying not to flaunt it like it’s somehow important. While doing research for your second point, I realized something I got wrong. He doesn’t have a Jewish boyfriend, he has a black boyfriend, Milo is the Jewish one.




And you guys wonder why you’re losing even when the mainstream media is 100% on your side.

“The mainsteam media is 100% on your side” bitch are you seriously conflating liberalism and leftism? Liberals ain’t leftists. No platforming isn’t censorship. Milo is a contrarian who doesn’t even stand for free speech.

Just because he doesn’t stand for free speech doesn’t mean he should be silenced, and the event was cancelled because of his life being at risk, so I’d definitely call that something more than denying him a platform.

The mainstream media defended these sorts of actions for the longest time, only now are things becoming less biased, and it’s still a very left leaning bias, and very anti-liberal for the most part.

“Threats to his life” so leftists are cowards who get easily offended AND they’re not cowards because they can get a man’s life killed? Quit being a fascist enabler, quit supporting people who want you dead out of a misguided attachment to the American empire.

“ “Threats to his life” so leftists are cowards who get easily offended AND they’re not cowards because they can get a man’s life killed? “

At no point did I call them cowards, but even if I did it’s quite easy for a coward to cause harm, such as those hit and run attacks done by Antifa.

“ Quit being a fascist enabler, “

To be honest I can’t take this seriously, all I can say is this

That’s what you sound like right now, where’s the nuance?

“ quit supporting people who want you dead out of a misguided attachment to the American empire. “

I don’t support anyone who wants me dead, none of these people want me dead, and I’m not even supporting them in any major way, just defending their basic human rights that even the most evil of person need.

Also, “American empire”. I think whatever oppressive dystopia you guys want to build would be more of an empire than the democracy we have now. America is not perfect, but you’re making it worse.

Do you have any real arguments or are you going to prove my point by spewing more buzzwords?

Fun fact; the Iron Cross predates the Nazis and is still used by the modern German armed forces. Young Milo appears to be wearing the pre-Nazi Iron Cross, probably to troll folks like you. Maybe you should’ve done, I dunno, two minutes of research on Wikipedia?

>“Threats to his life” so leftists are cowards who get easily offended AND they’re not cowards because they can get a man’s life killed?

Class, notice how AASP didn’t actually respond to the claim, they just started talking about the alleged doublethink. It’s funny how antifa supporters keep bringing that up, like it’s some contradiction to say “cowards can be brave when there’s a mob behind ‘em and they’re wearing masks”.

Also, notice how it’s “can get a man’s life killed”. Not “they threatened him”. Not “they threatened his life”. It’s this odd, non-grammatical phrasing; Antifa is only indirectly responsible for Milo’s hypothetical death, even though Malconer clearly said they were trying to harm him directly.

Almost like it’s some sort of strawman.

>Quit being a fascist enabler,

If I see any of those, I’ll let you know. Incidentally, Milo specifically says a) he’s not a white nationalist, and b) white nationalism is wrong.

>quit supporting people who want you dead out of a misguided attachment to the American empire.

I’m a non-American black man. Milo doesn’t want me dead. He wants to go out with me. Also, he’s British.

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/// for fun ///

behind the scenes XD
 Photographer : Prompto




underappreciated form of humor: using incorrect long forms of proper names i.e. Craigory, Bobert, Barold, etc.

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i scrolled past this post 4 times until it finally hit me

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